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We are a social enterprise that has been successfully developing enterprising cultures within communities for many years.
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Our products and services reflect our desire to support individuals and organisations in reaching
their peak.
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Anwar Choudry of Oldham Council talks about how The Enteprise Centre has helped through the delivery of programmes and workshops it has run.
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About The Enterprise Centre & What we do

The Enterprise Centre is a not for profit Social Enterprise that is focused on the development of entrepreneurship and enterprising individuals from cradle to grave.

We achieve this by:

Developing individuals and organisations from grass roots to turn key management using capacity building and mentor programmes that stimulate growth and success.

Our workforce development programme supports organisations from all sectors so they can build better business strategies fast, using practical, easy to follow, fun and cost effective approaches to develop proven marketing and sales techniques, budget management, procurement, planning skills and project management. The detail of these can be seen on our specification documents. …

We have made massive investments in the capacity building of our own teams strategies for success with World Class experts and famous entrepreneurs so that we can pass on what we have learnt to you. We have many examples of the benefits of our work as our testimonials will demonstrate.

We are unique in our holistic approach to enterprise coaching at all levels and have designed a model which provides a coordinated delivery plan for all lifelong learning and continuous professional development that supports and promote strategies for success and so impacts on individuals, organisations and communities. See some of our presentations on our social networking site pages for more information.

Our enterprise at school programme develops an enterprising culture and works on the belief cycle in young people so they are better equipped to manage themselves, their lives and their environments in a way that enables them to be the best that can be. Young people are our future and we believe that an investment in them ensures a sustainable tomorrow for us all. You can read more about this here.